Medicine Hat AB Home Ownership Rent To Own Lease Purchase Program Launched

Medicine Hat, AB home ownership firm Little Pink Houses of Medicine Hat launched its services in the city. The firm offers customized lease-to-own plans for buyers who do not qualify for standard programs. The company's Executive Lease Purchase Program caters to home buyers and sellers.

Medicine Hat, AB can boast the honor of being the very first Little Pink Houses of Canada location. Little Pink Houses of Medicine Hat offers a unique service to individuals and families to help them achieve home ownership through the means of private real estate investment. Company spokesperson, Myles Warken, says “We specialize in working with folks who can afford a mortgage and a down payment, but for a multitude of possible reasons may not be able to walk into a bank today and qualify for traditional bank financing. We provide them the bridge or stepping stone to their permanent financing and homeownership.”

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According to industry leaders from the Medicine Hat Real Estate Board, the city’s residential housing market is showing an optimistic trend despite trailing the previous year’s sales figures. The Medicine Hat News, local daily newspaper, reported that condominium, townhouse, and semi-detached properties have seen a boost in sales, indicative of Alberta’s relatively strong housing market.

Little Pink Houses of Medicine Hat is announcing the launch of its business services in the city, the proprietary Executive Lease Purchase Program. The program is designed to help individuals and families from all walks of life achieve their dream of homeownership.

Low scores and other qualifying factors often deter many potential home buyers from purchase-based or conventional home ownership plans. Custom lease to own plans from Little Pink Houses of Medicine Hat help customers lease a home from an owner until they qualify for standard ownership programs and purchase the house at the end of the lease period.

The Medicine Hat home lease/purchase firm guides the buyer through a complete vetting process designed to aid in the success of the overall transaction. “It is extremely important to us and for the security of the prospective buyer to ensure they will be able to secure their future mortgage and successfully close the deal at the end of the lease period,” says Warken, “additionally, this stringent due diligence process that includes various third-party verifications protects the seller’s interest as well”. The firm then structures the terms of occupancy and lease to own agreements to meet the specific needs of both the buyers and the sellers.

Under the Executive Lease Purchase Program, sellers receive full or near-full retail value on their properties and buyers are able to make monthly payments that go towards the purchase of the home while earning qualification for conventional residential ownership.

According to Warken the parent Corporation and franchise owner/operators believe… “every individual deserves the right to the Canadian Dream of homeownership and our programs are designed to empower and steer individuals toward this dream in a safe, responsible, and hassle-free manner without having to face the struggles and constraints imposed by traditional plans.”

Little Pink Houses of Medicine Hat is a private real estate investment firm offering individuals and families the opportunity to secure the ownership of residential properties outside the purview of traditional ownership criteria through a lease occupancy ownership model. The corporate parent provides a team of professionals with more than half a century of cumulative real estate experience.

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