Medicated Dog Shampoo for Dry Skin Receives Majority of 5-Star Reviews on Amazon

The oatmeal shampoo for dogs with dry skin, available at​ has a majority of 5-star buyer ratings on Amazon.

The oatmeal shampoo for dogs with dry skin, available at has a majority of 5-star buyer ratings on Amazon. This useful shampoo not only cleans dogs off beautifully and easily, but it contains maximum strength ingredients that provide relief for itchiness. In addition, oatmeal has been added to soothe the skin in the end.

Customers have been leaving wonderful comments on the Nootie dog shampoo for itchy skin : One buyer writes, “The Dog Shampoo Oatmeal Medicated Shampoo by Nootie is perfect for your fur babies. The Oatmeal helps soothes them. I like to use this when my Bichone comes back in the house from a long afternoon of romping around outside in the yard and woods. She comes back super itchy and rubbing against everything to scratch. The medicated shampoo makes sure that all of the creepies that decided to come back in the house with her doesn’t stay with her.”

“We love how well the product works on dogs and how it smells,” a Nootie spokesperson says, “Making sure that the product didn’t have an off-putting fragrance was a must for us. We wanted something that was pleasant to both humans and dogs. Our team worked long and hard, and we ended up with an item that pet owners are raving about on”

A happy consumer comments that, “I have two English Bulldogs and this breed is very prone to itchy skin, so I am always on the lookout for something to help them not be so itchy all the time. This Oatmeal Medicated Dog Shampoo from Nootie SMELLS GREAT! It’s very hard to find a dog shampoo that smells so good. My dog’s fur is very soft after use and she hasn’t scratched once since her bath. She is so relaxed, she is napping now on the couch.”

Nootie is a made in the U.S.A. company. The Nootie team has been crafting pet care products for over 30 years. The line consists of everything from dog shampoo and dog conditioner, to dog antifungal treatments and dog treats. Visit Amazon for more information and to see full product details for the Nootie medicated oatmeal shampoo.

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