Medicare Supplemental Insurance Rate Comparison Service For Seniors Launched

A new guide has been launched covering Medicare Medigap plans and the benefits they can offer. It offers in-depth guidance on their cost, the best plans available, and how to compare options.

MedicareWire has launched a new guide covering the best Medicare Medigap plans, including a free insurance carrier rate analysis that helps beneficiaries chose the best coverage option for their personal situation. It’s the latest in their wide range of information service releases launched as a public service for seniors and those with qualifying Social Security disabilities.

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The team at MedicareWire explains that seniors and those with disabilities need Medicare Supplement insurance to help fill the coverage gaps in the government’s health coverage (Medicare Part A and Part B).

However, one of the main challenges with securing the right deal is that these types of plans are difficult to understand. Compounding this is the issue that insurance agencies won’t disclose costs until they get the prospect’s personal information.

MedicareWire feels that forcing seniors to give up their personal information in exchange for rates is bad practice. MedicareWire offers Medicare Supplement rate information for all carriers as part of their free service. MedicareWire is not an insurance agency, which means that beneficiaries who use the free quote service have no obligation.

The newly launched guide highlights that many insurance carriers offer Medicare Supplement plans. For this reason, it’s important to shop around and compare rates before engaging with an insurance agent. Clients should also decide between Medigap and their traditional Medicare benefits in comparison to Medicare Advantage plans.

A Medicare Advantage plan, Part C of Medicare, replaces a beneficiary’s Original Medicare coverage (Part A and B) with managed care. They can also include services that traditional Medicare doesn’t cover, like dental care, hearing, and vision. Contrasting this, Medicare Supplement insurance fills the gaps in the Original Medicare coverage, including deductibles, coinsurance, and copays.

Choosing the right supplemental Medicare coverage is a personal decision based on the individual’s health and financial situation. As per the newly launched guide, the plans that offer the best coverage are Medicare Plan F, Medicare Plan G, and Medicare Plan N.

The guide states that Medicare Plan F is akin to the Cadillac of the options, because it covers everything allowed. This includes all Medicare deductibles and copayments. Meanwhile, Medicare Plan G is similar in that it offers seniors comprehensive coverage, and represents a robust choice.

However this plan requires clients to pay the Medicare Part B deductible out of pocket. Medicare Plan N’s coverage is similar to that of Plan G, but the insured party pays a $20 copayment when they see a doctor and up to $50 for emergency room care that doesn’t require admittance.

The full guide goes into detail on the above-mentioned plans and how to compare Medicare Supplements.

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