Medicare Supplement Plan Total Coverage for Seniors Launched

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East Greenville, PA-based Medicare Signup launches its Medicare Supplement Insurance service. It provides senior citizens with crucial protections their standard policy might not offer.

Medicare Signup, an online insurance broker headquartered in East Greenville, PA, announces the launch of its updated Medicare Supplement Insurance service. Often called MediGap, this opt-in policy provides coverage for crucial items not covered by standard Medicare plans.

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MediGap plans were launched to ensure that senior citizens are fully protected during their golden years when health problems are most prevalent. Medicare Signup notes that the number of over-65 individuals has rapidly increased since 2010, given the retirement of the Baby Boomer generation.

Medicare Supplement Insurance is geared towards individuals over 64.5 years old who already have Medicare parts A and B. Sold by private companies, these add-on policies help pay for copayments, coinsurance, and deductibles that Medicare does not cover.

The company is offering a free insurance quotation service to all interested parties. To access this feature, prospective clients need only to visit the online broker’s website.

Using the service involves a simple three-step process. Users are asked to provide their zip code, enter their age, and supply personal details, including certain lifestyle habits.

These details will be used to identify the Medicare Supplement Insurance plan that best suits their needs. Shortly after submitting the questionnaire, a representative from Medicare Signup will call to discuss the recommended plans for the individual.

Medicare Signup notes that supplemental policies cost as little as $80 per month, but can save people up to $2,000 a year in medical expenses. Inquirers are under no obligation to accept the insurance plans provided by the agent.

The company highlights that these are policies paid on top of a person’s current Medicare plan. However, it can provide specialized protection, such as health coverage when traveling abroad.

A representative from Medicare Signup says: “Medicare is a robust healthcare plan, but it is not without gaps. To protect oneself against financial hardship in the event of grave health emergencies, supplemental policies are a must-have.”

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