Medicare Educational Outreach Program – Medigap Plan C Consulting Service Launch

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The Modern Medicare Agency has announced the launch of a year-round educational outreach initiative for the growing population of Medicare recipients, designed to teach people the facts about Medicare.

The company, based in New York and licensed in 17 states, including Texas, Pennsylvania, and Florida, has developed the new program to combat the misinformation being marketed today and to help people avoid the bait and switch advertising tactics employed to confuse and take advantage of them.

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The Modern Medicare Agency’s new outreach will also explain the details of Medicare Advantage plans, otherwise known as ‘Part C’ or replacement plans. This is a coverage option for people who missed their open enrollment window for Medigap and now cannot qualify for Medigap due to health conditions.

Medicare spending in 2020 totaled over $900 billion, with more than 18% of the population covered by some aspect of the plan. However, a longstanding complaint among beneficiaries has been the program’s complexity. Individuals must juggle the different elements – parts A through D – along with Medigap and Medicare Advantage. They must then figure out detailed coverage rules, provider networks, and insurance formulas. A 2020 survey found that 32 percent of people found coverage details too confusing.

The Modern Medical agency emphasizes that any medical insurance plan must reflect the individual’s unique healthcare needs and wishes. Making a decision from among so many options and combinations can not only be daunting but have long-term implications for the beneficiary and his or her family.

The agency cites an example of common confusion among beneficiaries: the shorthand of ‘replacement plan’ for Medicare Advantage. This is inaccurate; individuals who choose to participate are only opting to receive their benefits from a private company for the duration of the calendar year.

The Modern Medicare Agency is an independent consulting firm and agency that helps individuals navigate the process of choosing a Medicare provider and program that best serves the client’s personal health needs. As a neutral arbiter and educator, the agency simplifies the various coverage plans and their licensed agents represent the client to whichever Medicare-approved program is selected. They work actively with the client to curate a plan based on that individual’s lifestyle and facilitate all the necessary enrollment paperwork.

One reviewer commented: “I had so many questions about Medicare and everyone I spoke to had different answers including Social Security office, so I was very happy to attend one of Paul’s Medicare workshops at his office.”

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