Medical Worker Anxiety/PTSD Burnout Coping Skills – Mental Health Report Updated

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Passionate Care has updated its mental health report that provides resources for healthcare workers suffering from anxiety, PTSD, and burnout.

Medical personnel often have to endure mistreatment from patients such as assault, cursing, and even being spit on – which can cause mental distress and feelings of anxiety. The latest report explains that although mental health issues have always been present in healthcare workers, the current pandemic has amplified the issue.

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Because of the pandemic, expectations from medical staff have drastically increased while their safety has been compromised. According to the new report, these extremely stressful working conditions may lead to psychological distress and can ultimately cause PTSD.

Another common problem these workers are facing is burnout syndrome. Although it is not considered a medical condition, it can cause serious mental health problems for those experiencing it. Burnout is caused by recurring workplace stress that hasn’t been resolved and typically leads to symptoms including lack of energy, feelings of negativity about one’s profession, and decreased professional efficacy.

Additionally, the report cautions that a great number of frontline workers are also struggling with anxiety and insomnia. Many have expressed that they weren’t able to get enough sleep due to the pandemic surge and were feeling on edge at work.

Passionate Care explains that the most common symptoms of anxiety and PTSD include frequent crying, feelings of impending doom, paranoia, depression, and a state of fight or flight.

The report advises nurses and other medical providers who fear they may be suffering from a mental illness such as PTSD to take advantage of their insurance plan. They should reach out for support as soon as possible as delaying getting help will only worsen their symptoms and negative feelings.

To make it easier for healthcare workers to get the help they need, Passionate Care offers a complimentary guide that can help individuals cope with stress and anxiety – both related and unrelated to the current pandemic. Additional details can be found at

The author of the report stated: “If you are suffering from anxiety or acute stress, you don’t have to continue to feel stuck, weak, powerless, or worthless. Many people who found themselves in the exact same situation as you were able to dig themselves out of that deep personal pit.”

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