Medical Technology Cost Reduction – Best IT Expense Management Solution Launched

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VIE Healthcare, a leading healthcare IT consulting, has updated its healthcare technology expense management solution to help hospitals and other healthcare organizations reduce their IT costs.

VIE Healthcare Consulting, a financial advocate and advisor for hospitals and healthcare organizations, has launched an update to its range of cost optimization solutions to provide a proven IT expense reduction system for organizations in the healthcare sector.

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The new cost reduction solution delivers benchmarking data and IT contract visibility, ensuring hospitals and other patient care institutions can quickly compare rates across the industry, which will help them discover cost-saving opportunities.

Healthcare IT consulting experts VIE Healthcare explains that its IT expense reduction system could help organizations save cost by identifying areas for price improvement, optimizing IT licenses, and identifying contract errors.

With VIE Healthcare’s solution, hospitals can systematically discover IT cost savings and expense reduction opportunities, including operational and clinical software purchases, enterprise license agreements, global license agreements, and large-scale ERP software.

Other often neglected areas include data warehousing, IT subscription services, contract compliance audits, services and maintenance, and telecommunication healthcare costs.

As a leading healthcare IT consultant, VIE Healthcare leverages its deep category expertise, vendor-specific market intelligence, and patented cost reduction solution to help its clients avoid unnecessary IT spend.

VIE Healthcare has a 3-step process that makes working with them easy. Prospective clients are encouraged to schedule a no-obligation consultation with the healthcare IT experts. During the call, VIE Healthcare will learn about the clients’ goals and how they can support them.

With the insights gained, the team at VIE Healthcare will then create a uniquely tailored solution to help the client achieve their set goals.

To ensure continued success, the healthcare IT consultants will assign dedicated expertise and resources focused on helping the client become a high-performing hospital.

Since its founding in 1999, VIE Healthcare has been helping hospitals and healthcare institutions, and other patient care organizations optimize their organizational spend through its now patented purchased services cost management technology, called Invoice ROI. It has saved its client over $752 million so far.

A satisfied client said: “Rarely do I feel compelled to write a letter of commendation; however, I wanted to thank you for the excellent work you performed to negotiate the telecommunication contracts for the Health System. The System realized tremendous unanticipated savings and refund checks. I appreciate you could accomplish this with minimal involvement of our staff. I look forward to working with you on additional cost savings initiatives.”

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