Medical Practice Outsourcing Electronic Physicians Billing RX Site Launched

Physicians Billing RX has announced the launch of a new site advertising its medical billing services nationwide. The service streamlines the medical billing of any practice, offering them 24/7 access to a powerful cloud based system.

A new site has launched called Physicians Billing RX, offering medical billing services to practices wanting to focus on patients over paperwork. The company offers no headache electronic medical billing with accurate insurance claims processing that allows practices to retain full control over their patient records. It allows for faster reimbursements and lower claim rejections, speeding up and streamlining the entire medical billing process.

More information can be found on the Physicians Billing RX website at:

The site explains that electronic medical billing through Physicians Billing RX, practices can gain a number of benefits to their service. These include getting claims paid fast, the first time they’re submitted. The site says that because most insurance claims are paid on first submission, medical practices can get their funds more quickly.

Fuelled by a 24/7 online cloud, the medical billing service provided by Physicians Billing RX offers constant real time access. Staff can access the service from any computer with an internet connection. This means that users can measure the real timer status of every aspect of their medical billing and insurance claim cycle anytime and from anywhere.

The site adds that the service offers total transparency, and total control. Because the medical billing service is streamlined and easy to use, it allows people to access hundreds of reports in real time with the touch of a button. This gives staff ultimate control, and the data they need to make the right decisions for their practice.

Other benefits to the Physicians Billing RX service include more in depth denial management, a practice management system, a dynamic online scheduler, and real time reporting. Users can enjoy the benefit of one touch eligibility verification and chart set up as well.

Interested parties looking to find out more about the service can call Physicians Billing RX on 706-901-7279. Full company details are also available on site, where those keen to find out more about the service can also get in touch using the contact form provided.

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