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Lightning MD announces the launch of their back end management tool for medical practices. This enables doctors, hospital clinics, and medical billing companies to run their business in a very effective manner.

Lightning MD announce the launch of its medical practice management tool. This will enable doctors to do more work and earn more money and it offers end-to-end solutions.

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With this product, the firm provides medical practitioners an easy and effective method of managing the business side of their medical practice. It eliminates any ambiguity and the delay associated with paperwork.

The usual complaint of most patients in hospitals and clinics across the world, is the delay in processing admissions and discharges. This delay is usually because of the complicated and manual procedures of collecting information and generating billing.

The management tool designed and created by Lightning MD cuts through this process and automates it completely. The product can be customized to work out every aspect of the business end of the medical industry.

Any doctor, hospital manager, or medical billing company can quickly and easily generate and process the admission information and discharge and any other bills. The management tool can also process advanced billing and complex eligibility and authorizations.

When a patient makes an online payment, the software will generate a text, email, and paper payment statement. This level of ease of use will increase business for any local medical practice. The claims process is also made easier with a single click and accessibility. There is also a built-in feature that enables the tagging and tracking of problem claims.

The management and medical side can have a clear idea of the profitability of the practice with easy to read and interpret reporting. According to Lightning MD, the product requires no setup fee and can be up and running in as little as five minutes.

The product is available in three different versions with flexible payment plans. For more information visit their website given above or call them on +1-888-777-5605.

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