Medical Equipment Rental in Edmonton AB, Weekly/Monthly Wheelchair Lease Updated

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Edmonton, AB - Medical Equipment Rental (780-669-5703) renews its commitment to offering high-quality healthcare instruments for Edmonton and surrounding residents. The family-owned and operated business has been the go-to choice for many homes and clinics for the last 25 years.

Cognizant of the stresses of finding the best medical equipment for one’s loved ones home care, Medical Equipment Rental offers a wide array of healthcare devices or solutions that can be either purchased or rented. The goal of the strengthened services is to facilitate the everyday living of its users, their families, and caregivers alike.

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As part of its updated services, the company works closely with several large manufacturers of healthcare products in North America. These partnerships allow Medical Equipment Rental to offer high-quality equipment at more affordable prices. The company offers an extensive collection of medical equipment, including wheelchairs, knee walkers, lift chairs, hospital beds, bath seats, commodes, and transfer lifts, and many aids to daily living (AADL) devices.

According to several published studies, the quality and accessibility of medical devices have a direct impact on the effectiveness of care. Experts note that patients often recover faster when they have the appropriate medical equipment they need for their specific condition. This is true for all types of conditions, from mild to severe.

One of its most popular services is its wheelchair rental. Customers can choose among five types of wheelchairs: standard, transport chairs, bariatric, recline, or with elevating leg rest. They will then decide how long they would wish to rent their desired wheelchair. Currently, Medical Equipment Rental offers daily, weekly, and monthly rentals. A deposit is required upon the start of the rental, although this will be refunded when the items are returned.

To make the process even simpler, the company now offers delivery installation and pick-up inside and outside of Edmonton for a small fee.

Clients are encouraged to call their office through the number provided on the website to comply with the latest health guidelines.

A grateful customer wrote, “Today I needed to grab a walker for my uncle to use for the next 2 weeks after his operation. I walked in and they were extremely helpful. The process was so simple and fast, I was in for no longer than 10 mins. Thank you for your amazing service and knowledge.”

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