Medical Care Management Programs For Healthcare Providers and Patients Launched

Healthcare providers and patients across the US can benefit from Medistics’ Medical Care Management programs. They help deliver quality chronic and transitional care management, as well as other patient services.

Medistics has announced their Medical Care Management programs. The New Jersey-based company specializes in working with physicians nationwide to implement Remote Patient Monitoring, Chronic Care Management, Principal Care Management, Behavioral Health Integration, Transitional Care Management, and Annual Wellness Visits into their practice.

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The recently announced programs are aimed at simplifying the lives of one’s patients by assigning them to dedicated Medistics care managers. The duties of these care managers include scheduling appointments, refilling medication, monitoring vitals remotely, helping patients adhere to the care plan, and acquiring any support that the patient needs.

It is commonly accepted in the medical community that individuals with chronic diseases are prone to a much poorer quality of life without proper health management. This can significantly alter the health outcome of individuals, especially those with severe conditions. As such, the Medistics team works to provide patients with chronic diseases with the ideal care management system.

According to a representative of Medistics, the goal of the company’s chronic care management is to help patients care for themselves outside the doctor’s office while at the same time ensuring that they are properly monitored remotely.

With its chronic care management program, Medistics also focuses on building a trusting relationship with patients to assist them in achieving their health goals. The company’s program is fully patient-centered so patients can receive the support needed for their condition to remain at the best possible status.

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Medistics prides itself on providing its clients with a dedicated Care Team for their practice to implement and run all the programs that Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) has to offer.

Research has shown that a small medical practice can generate, on average, an additional $150,000 per year. With this knowledge, Medistics aims at helping providers to generate a significant additional income.

The Medical Care Management programs offer a number of benefits via the remote patient monitoring system. These include improved chronic condition management, reduced emergent situations, and readmissions, increased revenue streams, as well as a reduced burden on healthcare systems.

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The Medistics care management programs work in five steps: Identify, Educate, Enroll, Engage, and Experience Enhancement.

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