Medical Billing Service Announces Team for Oncology Physicians and Clinics

Nationwide Healthcare Billing Services announced it is now providing premier and professional medical billing solutions by a qualified team of highly qualified professionals specifically set up to handle cost reduction and efficiency focused medical billing, and more, for oncology clinics and professionals.

Nationwide Healthcare Billing Services announced the launch of premier, professional and comprehensive medical billing services specifically tailored for oncology practices and professionals.

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Nationwide Healthcare Billing Services is a Dallas, Texas based medical billing expert firm with over 13 years of experience providing a range of solutions with proven cost reduction and efficiency benefits, ranging from full revenue cycle management to coding analysis or EHR integration and credentialing, for different types of physicians, hospitals or health care facilities nationwide.

The business announced the launch of professional and comprehensive medical billing services provided by a highly qualified team of professionals specifically set up to handle medical billing for the oncology field, also able to effectively manage the entire revenue cycle, from patient’s admission and medical billing/coding to claims and accounts settling.

The Nationwide Healthcare Billing Services’ highly qualified team of professionals overseen by the owner, a former medical director responsible for the bill review and auditing department of a health care company, also offers a range of professional and valuable coding analysis by CPC or CPS certified and experienced medical coders along with premier EHR integration & insurance credentialing solutions.

More information on the new oncology focused medical billing services and National Healthcare Billing Services’ full range of solutions, experience or professional acumen along with details on the proven benefits of partnering with its highly qualified team of professionals, can be consulted on the website link provided above.

The company explains that “we provide nationwide medical billing services focused on reducing costs & improving efficiencies for all types of medical specialties along with other health care facilities. We also pride ourselves on paying close attention to detail. Our owner knows the thought processes and the problems related to running a medical practice or doctor’s office”.

The Nationwide Healthcare Billing Services adds that “turn to our medical billing professionals for revenue cycle management solutions that take care of the financial side of your practice so you can spend time with your patients or take your practice to the next level with our EHR integration & insurance credentialing assistance”.

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