Medical Billing RCM Scheduling App For Healthcare Management Software Launched

Lightning MD is now available in an updated version offering a full range of medical billing and RCM tools, including superbill customization, payment and claims management, report generation and others.

Lightning MD, a medical billing and RCM scheduling software, is now available in an updated version. The versatile tool aims to provide medical practices with an effective way to manage claims and payments, customize billing rules, generate extensive reports, and automate a variety of other processes for improved efficiency.

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The latest announcement aims to respond to the increased demand for effective operational management solutions in the medical industry. As healthcare providers throughout the world are faced with new challenges, developing a flexible and efficient billing system has become essential.

Designed for improved versatility and comprehensiveness, Lightning MD provides health practices with an accessible tool that is easy to use and allows them to optimize their billing and RCM processes.

The software provides a customizable superbill tool designed to offer an easy-to-edit itemized list of all the services provided to a patient. Clients will also benefit from the possibility to set advanced billing rules, including NCCI edits. Eligibility and authorization processes can also be customized from the same integrative interface.

Lightning MD has also integrated an effective payment management solution allowing the processing of text, e-mail and paper statements. This tool aims to help practices increase their payment collection rate for optimal financial efficiency.

Another important feature is the claims management tool. Accounts receivable, one-click appeals and other items are color-coded for increased ease of processing, with a worklist also available for managing problem claims.

Finally, the medical billing and RCM tool features a variety of automated reporting tools to help health providers obtain critical insights into the efficiency of their managerial processes.

Lightning MD currently comes with free and easy set-up, allowing users to start using the application within as little as 5 minutes.

Plans start from $49 for the Basic plan, with the Unlimited Plus plan currently priced at $339. In addition to the features presented above, the latter also includes advanced telehealth and scheduling tools.

With the latest announcement, Lightning MD continues to invest in the development of high-quality software solutions for modern medical practices.

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Release ID: 88986161