Media, PA Family Lawyer Reveals Where Most Lawyers Get Their Information

Lawyers will look for social media posts that work in their favor, according to Media, PA family lawyer, Arik Benari. It doesn’t matter if the information is out of context in some cases.

There was a time when divorce meant hiring a private investigator to get damning information on the other party. Perhaps that investigator would find proof of an illicit affair or even a secret family. Those days are long gone – in today’s world of oversharing, many lawyers simply need to enter a name in a search bar on any social media site.

Arik Benari, of The Benari Law Group reveals that this practice is used widely: “Searching for someone’s name on Facebook, Instagram, or even Twitter can reveal quite a bit of information about that person. Taking a screenshot or a screen-grab could be all of the information someone needs to present a case for divorce or child custody.”

It goes beyond social media. “We’ve had clients bring in screenshots of text messages, dating profile pages, and even personal photos that we could build an entire case around to get them what they want,” the Media, PA family lawyer says. “We tell our clients to make their accounts private, delete them entirely, or just log off for a while so as not to do any more damage.”

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Attorneys may go to family members’ social media accounts, girlfriends or boyfriends’ social media accounts, or even a business account to gather more information.As a divorce or custody dispute go along, people are more likely to use whatever they can to get what they want,” Benari says.

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