Media Citations Launches Offering a Proven Way of Getting Cited in Media

Experts agree, one of the best ways for a business or individuals to have themselves considered an authority on a subject is to get cited in media. Media citations can quickly establish brand authority and add to revenue in a way that's reliable and organic.

Many businesses wonder how to get media citations, and to raise their perception in customers and potential customer’s eyes. Media Citations recently announced their launch providing a quick, reliable solution to this problem.

May 28, 2015

Many experts agree, one of the proven ways for a business, website or individual to have themselves considered an authority on a subject is to get cited in media. Media citations can establish brand authority in many eyes, something that can add to revenue in a way that’s reliable and organic. Unfortunately, learning how to get media citations, without the right resource, can be easier said than done. Media Citations, recently announced their launch offering proven ways to accomplish this goal, providing media citations services to business owners, authors, speakers and consultants.

“Media authority is something every business and professional should have,” commented a spokesperson from Media Citations. “It helps you to stand out from the crowd and differentiates yourself as an expert in your ?eld. This can be incredibly valuable.”

According to the company, media authority citations, especially when they are major media citations from places like ABC, NBC, CBS, FOX and the Wall Street Journal, can instantly establish authority in a niche. The end result can be a business owner, speaker or consultant being taken much more seriously, all with minimal investment.

Clients have given Media Citations positive feedback across the board.

Brian G., from Boston, recently said, “We have an online based health and fitness business, and it became very clear to us we needed to learn how to get media citations from major outlets if we were going to be as successful as we could be. Our own efforts in this area failed for the most part, until we turned to Media Citations. This is probably one of the best decision we have made since founding our company, and the results came quickly.”

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