Medellin SEO’s Mobile Apps Development Service Starts 17 November 2016

Medellin SEO announced the availability of their new Mobile Apps Development Service beginning 17 November 2016. More information can be found at

Medellin SEO today announced their release of their new Mobile Apps Development Service. Customers in need of a good Mobile Apps Development Service will soon be able to get everything they need when it goes live 17 November 2016.

This marks one of Medellin SEO’s biggest milestones. Everyone within the business is looking forward to launch of the service, especially since those within Medellin SEO feel that “We are the industries leaders.”

Rocco Gagiano, CEO at Medellin SEO, when asked about the Mobile Apps Development Service said:

“Affordable and cheap mobile apps for everyone”

Consumers active in the Mobile Apps Developers market will be interested to know their Mobile Apps Development Service has been planned and developed with Medellin in mind.

For example, they will feature “Translate Their Business Needs To App Features”. This was included because their next question they have to ask their self is: What services can they add into their mobile app that will be good for their client’s business? Do they sell products that are suitable for some kind of loyalty program – like a coffee shop? For most businesses, they can create a loyalty card program and it’s a great selling point when approaching a local client.. Consumers should be pleased with this since Could their business make use of coupons? Coupons can be used in virtually every business model so again it’s another great selling point. What about a client that doesn’t have a bricks and mortar business? Maybe they have an online e-commerce store? they can also build an app for that now because they can use their catalog on their store and turn it into a mobile app for them..

Their Mobile Apps Development Service will also have Push Notifications Are A Major Feature. Developers behind their service decided this was critical to the final service because then they need to think of a rough idea of how push notifications could be utilised for their business in question. Once they have an idea they will be able to explain to their client about push notifications and what exactly they can do for them. The basic thrust of this part of their pitch will be that with push notifications they will have instant communication with anyone who’s installed their client’s app on their phone. they will enable their client, via a white label push notifications area, to log in and to send notices to their customers. Maybe they are running a special offer on a Thursday? Maybe they want to let the customer about a new product or service that they’ve added? . Customers should enjoy this particularly, as with push notifications their client can update customers instantly with quite literally a push of a button. Their client can send them a notification and when the customer clicks on the notification they are navigated to wherever the client wants their attention to be drawn to. It’s a fantastic way to communicate with their customers.

One final piece of information being released, states that their new service will also have General Functionality (Showcase) Apps – Rocco Gagiano said “This was important because It can be time consuming to build a draft app for every business they pitch to. So we recommend a general functionality app already published (alpha or beta) on Google play. Something they can use to show people how their app could look. This will be great news for their buyers because so if they are pitching to a restaurant owner, they have a general purpose restaurant app already published as an alpha/beta app on the Google play store. Then they take their Android device to the meeting and showcase the functionality their client could make use of. Show some of the features that they can offer and look at some of the content and the different ways they can display it on the app. Show that it works..”

Those interested in learning more about the business can do so on the business website at

Those interested in learning more about Medellin SEO and their Mobile Apps Development Service scan do so on the website at

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