Meat Processing Sausage Stuffer Casings Freezer Wrap & Paper Supplies Released

High Caliber Products has announced the release of its meat processing and sausage making products available for the upcoming hunting season. The company, with stores in Calgary and Edmonton, Alberta, offers sausage stuffers, casings, seasonings, freezer wrap paper and electric meat slicers.

High Caliber Products, a brand under CTR Refrigeration and Food Store Equipment Ltd, is a refrigeration and food store equipment company with stores in Calgary and Edmonton, Alberta, has announced the release of its meat processing products available for the upcoming hunting season. The company offers supplies and equipment for sausage-making and meat processing including sausage stuffers, sausage casings, sausage spices and seasoning, freezer wrap paper, electric meat slicers and meat grinders

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Throughout history sausage-making has been used as a way of preserving meat. There are different types of sausage including fresh sausage, uncooked smoked sausage, cooked smoked sausage, dry sausage, semi-dry sausage and a variety of cooked meat specialties.

Depending on the way sausage is made determines how long it will be able to be stored and when it is best consumed. For instance, fresh sausage needs to be refrigerated or frozen and needs to be cooked thoroughly before eating whereas dry sausage does not require refrigeration and has a longer shelf life.

High Caliber Products has released its line of meat processing and sausage making equipment and products available for the upcoming hunting season including smokers, bisquettes, sawdust, sausage stuffers, meat grinders, containers and scales.

The company carries a wide variety of casings for making varied sausages from Italian sausage to smokies for the barbeque. The selection includes natural, collagen, fibrous and cooking casings. Their reliable and extensive selection of High Caliber pre-blended sausage and jerky seasonings, in addition to pure spices and additives to make your own traditional receipe or new creation.

High Caliber Products offers step by step recipes on their website for creating a variety of sausages. The sausage recipes include Bratwurst, Breakfast, Farmer Style, Chorizo, Maple, Mennonite, mild Italian, Poultry and Octoberfest with more recipes to be added

The company offers sausage-making classes at their Calgary and Edmonton locations. They teach proven techniques in sausage making so that their students can make their own high caliber product. Classes are instructed by qualified experts bringing experience and knowledge from all aspects of the meat industry. Students learn how to choose the best cuts of meat, how to grind and mix and how to stuff sausage into the proper casing. Other topics covered include the use of appropriate techniques and equipment, combining the right ingredients and the importance of a high level of cleanliness.

More information about High Caliber Products and the meat processing products and services they offer is available at, by visiting their shop at 4840 – 52 Street S.E., Calgary, Alberta or the location in Edmonton 10456 – 170 Street, Edmonton, Alberta. Call for either location at 403-444-2877 or toll free at 1-877-736-7287

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