MDT Energy Healing Facilitator Self Esteem & Confidence Audio Sessions Released

The renowned EnergyMDT has announced an expansion of its proven and pragmatic multi-dimensional energy healing and transformation tools with the release of the “I Exist” audio package to help people release limiting self-beliefs or judgements and take control over their quality of life.

The popular Energy MDT has announced its “I Exist” self-improvement audio recordings package drawing on the latest multi-dimensional energy healing and transformation techniques to help overcome limiting beliefs and start embracing personal growth and success.

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The Energy Multi-Dimensional Transformation (MDT) is a popular and highly sought after energy healing practice in Gaithersburg, Maryland, created by the acclaimed and gifted healer Ximena Velasquez to help clients grow and transform their lives with the help of multi-dimensional energies.

The popular practice has now announced an expansion of its renowned range of proven and pragmatic multi-dimensional energy healing and transformation tools with its “I Exist” self-improvement audio recordings package for stressed, overwhelmed and busy people looking to eliminate limiting self-beliefs, emotions and judgements to take back control of their quality of life, financial future and/or relationships.

The “I Exist” audio package includes 16 self-improvement recordings with and without background gentle flowing water sounds ideal to listen to while falling asleep that will facilitate, encourage and teach how to create power and acceptance, unlock inspiration and enthusiasm for life, get rid of past traumas, anxieties, anger, stress or fear and other limiting emotions while developing the personal gifts needed to embrace personal and professional success.

More information on the unique energy audio package by the popular EnergyMDT and its benefits for those looking to release negative feelings and start living a more realized, happy and energetic life along with a detailed list of the recordings included, from releasing old programming, traumas or baggage and unlocking self-worth and self-confidence to creating trustworthy relationships and professional success, can be consulted at the website link provided above.

The founder of EnergyMDT, Ximena Velasquez, explains that “it’s the time to acknowledge, ‘I Exist’. It’s time to overcome those self-judgements, doubts or past traumas and tack back the power to live as a bright, energetic and happy person. An incredible, exciting life where we appreciate ourselves and our accomplishments can be right around the corner, The ‘I Exist’ program can help us finally embrace ourselves and enjoy personal growth and success like never before.”

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