MD’s Trash Removal Announces New Dumpster Rolloff Brand

One of the oldest trash collection companies in Milford, New Hampshire gets a branding face-lift.

The most established and reliable trash pickup and recycling company in Milford, NH just went live with a new division that handles dumpster rental called Milford Dumpster Rental. This new division of the company has a brand new website as well which makes it faster and easier than ever to find a rolloff dumpster to rent in the greater Nashua NH area, to request a free quote, and to get questions answered.

“The majority of rolloff rental companies rely on often antiquated and non-mobile responsive websites that were hard to find on Google and even harder to navigate, especially on a smartphone,” says MD’s general manager, Casey Delage. So we decided to hire a top national SEO firm to help brand the new division of our company and design the new rolloff rental site for us and to make sure that it ranks well on Google.”

Delage continues, “You run a Google search to check out the competition, and what you see is pretty pathetic. It’s like – we need to call out the search party! Where is everyone? Most of the competition is “MIA”: Missing In Action.”

Milford Dumpster Rental is optimized to allow families and businesses in Milford, New Hampshire and the general Nashua, NH area to quickly and easily rent a rolloff dumpster for home cleanouts, roof repairs, home remodeling projects and more.

“Your visibility online isn’t just important these days, it’s everything,” Delage adds. “We needed a website that’s sharp, simple, attractive and most of all, intuitive for the end user. And it must work perfectly on tablets and smartphones. I think we hit the nail on the head with this project.”

Gordon Philips, Head of Clients Services at Lockhart Philips Group was quoted as saying, “The Internet is a busy, noisy place. We dampen out that noise by making websites that really work. The sites we make show up everywhere; look terrific on all devices, especially mobile; and make it quick and easy to find the information you need, get a quote, contact the business, ask questions and become a customer.”

An admitted “perfection freak,” Philips says his firm can’t help but distance itself from other national SEO companies by refusing to outsource or delegate work to entry level employees or, worse, to overseas contractors “in places most people couldn’t find on a map. We dig in and do the work that most firms don’t want to do. As they say, ‘the devil is in the details’ and that’s also where success lives.”

MD’s new rolloff dumpster rental brand can be seen by visiting:

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