McLean Virginia Beauty Salon & Spa Offers Expanded Skin Care Services For Men And Women

Maxime Coupe Salon and Spa Offers Expanded Skin Care Services for Men and Women Maxime Coupe Salon and Spa has recently added a host of new skin care treatments and products to their services and can now treat acne, rosacea, dehydration, and more.

Skin care is important, not only for aesthetic purposes but to keep the body healthy and strong. Neglecting skin by allowing it to dry out can result in cracked or irritated skin, leading to infections and bleeding. Skin conditions that are left untreated can also cause infections, and over time might lead to permanent scarring. While some people consider skin treatments and spa treatments to be luxury, they are often necessary for correcting potentially harmful conditions. This is why Maxime Coupe Salon and Spa, a popular beauty salon in the McLean, Virginia, area, has recently announced an expansion of its skin care services in preparation for the new year.

“We’re so excited to be branching out in this area where there is such a real need. We will be offering a host of new services to help our clients with a wide range of skin care problems, and we look forward to making a difference in our customer’s lives,” says a Maxime Coupe Salon and Spa representative. “Our estheticians are continuously looking into the best products and solutions for skin care. This is especially necessary during the winter months.”

The company will be offering their new range of supplies and services to men and women and will include anti-aging and moisturizing services to help customers tighten their skin, smooth wrinkles, and keep their faces from drying out during the winter.

Other services the company will be offering include customized facials designed to fit the needs of each customer. For men and women with acne problems, Maxime Coupe Salon and Spa offers advanced acne solutions. Customers with rosacea, a chronic skin condition resulting in a constantly red face and swelling or sores resembling acne, can also get treatment. Skin that is aging rapidly due to stress or lifestyle can be rejuvenated, and those whose faces are constantly drying out from dehydration can have specialized moisturizing facials to correct the problem. 

“While skin needs care year-round, some of our customers forget until the cold hits and they feel how dry their skin is,” says the representative. “We recommend year-round attention to skin care, but we understand that for some people they just forget. So we’re taking this opportunity with our expanded services and the new year coming up to remind people to take care of their skin.”

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