McKinney TX Home/Auto Insurance – Comprehensive Umbrella Policies Launched

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McKinney, Texas-based Parker Preferred Insurance (972-987-6083) has launched an expanded range of policies designed with local needs in mind.

The independent insurance agent now offers coverage for home, auto, boats and watercraft, motorcycles, RVs, and condos. A new range of umbrella policies can also provide additional protection.

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The events of 2020 highlighted the importance of planning for the unexpected. With the most recent updates, Parker Preferred Insurance offers individually tailored solutions to suit a range of budgets.

The impacts of the pandemic need little explanation. However, experts such as Deloitte Insights suggest the US faces more uncertainty in the coming years. Climate risk and severe weather events pose an ongoing concern, and the country faces a number of potential economic hurdles.

Considering such reports, Parker Preferred Insurance suggests that adequate insurance coverage is more important than ever. Now partnering with a number of major providers, including ASI, Homeowners of America, Progressive, and Columbia Lloyds, the agent has selected policies that best suit the needs of McKinney residents.

As an example, auto insurance is a mandatory requirement throughout Texas. However, several additional options are also available depending on individual circumstances. These can include comprehensive coverage, as well as collision, personal liability, and personal injury components. The new policies provide more flexibility for those seeking a tailored solution.

Umbrella insurance is also now offered, which can cover gaps in existing home or auto policies, as well as protecting personal assets being targeted in a legal battle. As with the latest auto coverage, these policies are designed with flexibility in mind, and can be adjusted for different requirements.

About Parker Preferred Insurance

As an independent agency, Parker Preferred Insurance works to provide McKinney and surrounding Texas communities with an open and honest service that takes local conditions into account. The latest update demonstrates the company’s commitment to reviewing and selecting industry-leading policies from major providers.

A company representative stated: “At Parker Preferred Insurance in McKinney, TX, we offer various insurance policies to help secure clients financially when the unexpected occurs. We tailor our policies to meet the individual needs of each client. Our agents can work with you and listen to your situation to find the coverage that will fully protect you in the event of any risk.”

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