McAlester OK Termite Control – Inspection And Treatment Services Launched

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With its newly announced termite control treatment services, Mike’s Pest Control helps clients in McAlester, OK exterminate termites and prevent structural damage to their property.

Mike’s Pest Control launched updated termite inspection and treatment services for clients in McAlester, OK. The company provides fast and efficient treatment using the best termiticides on the market.

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The new announcement helps clients prevent serious damage to their property by identifying termite infestation and applying effective termite control treatment.

Termites can cause significantly more damage than other pests. They mainly feed on wood but can damage anything, from insulation to the home’s filtration system. In some cases, they can even threaten the structural integrity of a building. Termite damage can be very expensive and difficult to repair.

Termite infestation is hard to detect because most termites travel by way of tunnels. Some of the signs that termites are present are hollowed or rotting wood, blisters in wood flooring, and mud tubes near the home’s foundation.

Mike’s Pest Control uses proven termite control treatment programs to destroy the termite population in a client’s home. The company’s pest control experts start with an inspection of the house to determine the path of the termite attack and devise a suitable treatment plan.

Pre-construction treatment involves creating a chemical barrier in the soil on a new construction site for the prevention of a termite infestation. Annual termite inspections help to catch signs of termites early and prevent further damage.

Mike’s Pest Control uses Termidor termiticide, a leading termite defense in the United States. In comparison with other types of treatment, it requires significantly less digging and drilling, resulting in 77% smaller trenches around the client’s home.

Mike’s Pest Control has been servicing the McAlester, OK, region since 1999. The company’s experts can provide fast and efficient treatments to protect clients’ property from fire ants, lawn grubs, and pesky flying insects. The company also offers lawn maintenance services.

“Mike’s Pest Control always does a wonderful job with any pest problem,” said a satisfied client. “The technician is always very prompt on time and goes above and beyond the task at hand just to ensure the pest issues are resolved.”

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