MB/SK Sugaring Hair Removal Certification Course For Beauty Salons Announced

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Saskatchewan & Manitoba - Alexandria Professional Academy updates its sugaring hair removal courses. Students will be trained on the latest sugaring techniques, including pre- and post-care tips.

Alexandria Professional Academy announces that all of its sugaring courses have been updated to include the latest techniques and research on body hair removal. The online courses are intended for those running or planning to start a business in Saskatchewan and Manitoba, Canada.

More details can be found at https://www.learntosugar.ca

The updated certification courses train students in the Kennedy Theory for sugaring and the ‘6 Steps to Perfect Sugaring’ technique. Both are needed to become certified with Alexandra Professional. Unlike other sugaring courses, the certification courses offered by the academy teach students how to understand hair growth to ensure effective hair removal.

Sugaring has increased in popularity in the last few years because of its minimal-pain techniques. Unlike traditional hot waxing, sugaring uses an organic paste that is safer for the skin, easier to remove, and less painful. Further, consistent sugaring causes hair to grow back thinner, making it even easier to remove in succeeding sessions.

To remain competitive in the beauty industry, it is recommended that salons offer sugaring services. Nevertheless, it is necessary to be trained in the proper techniques and be certified by a recognized institution to add to one’s credibility.

Alexandria Professional Academy features four well-known sugaring specialists in the region. Students will receive training from all of them and learn the proper techniques and strategies on applying the sugar paste and removing it with little pain. Students will also be told pre- and post-care tips which they should tell their potential clients.

The updated courses have included the latest research on sugaring and hair removal. This ensures that new students are updated with current sugaring techniques.

All courses will be taught entirely online.

A satisfied student wrote, “The training I received from Alexandria Professional was fully comprehensive, informative, and easy to learn. The detailed instruction left me feeling fully capable to perform the services after the initial course. The ongoing support is invaluable and I would absolutely refer AP to anyone interested in adding sugaring to their service portfolio.”

Interested parties can find more information by visiting https://www.learntosugar.ca

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