Mayfair LON Silk Bedding Pillowcases Hypoallergenic Anti Ageing Report Released

MayfairSilk has published its newest report for people looking to understand the advantages of sleeping on silk compared to cotton, and why it makes a unique gifting idea for loved ones.

MayfairSilk has released a new report detailing why silk pillowcases make a unique gifting option for loved ones due to several benefits that come from sleeping on silk rather than cotton bedding such as its anti-ageing and hypoallergenic properties.

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The report from London-based company MayfairSilk aims to give readers a detailed overview of the key features that sleeping on silk provides when compared with cotton materials. Additionally, the company allows people to find a range of silk bedding items for gifting opportunities for themselves or their loved ones.

As the report from MayfairSilk aims to explain, silk has a range of advantages for sleepers that cotton bedding does not. Many people who use cotton materials for their pillowcases, fitted sheets, and duvet covers can find that their sleep quality is affected due to cotton’s greater absorption capacity. This ability to absorb water can lead to reduced hydration for a sleeper’s skin. MayfairSilk’s report explains that a reduced absorption rate is one of the major benefits of using silk bedding.

The benefits that come with silk bedding as detailed in the London-based company’s report includes a reduction in the signs of ageing such as wrinkles. This anti-ageing benefit is caused by reduced friction when a person’s skin is in contact with the bedding, as well as the reduced dryness from the silk’s lower absorption of moisture.

People who suffer from allergens can also benefit from silk pillowcases due to its hypoallergenic qualities which as the report explains makes it more resistant to the causes of irritations such as dust mites. Also, the smoother nonabrasive fibres found within the silk material is better for sensitive skin than the courser fibres often found in other materials.

The report from MayfairSilk aims to help people understand the benefits of silk bedding as both a luxury item and as an aid to improve the quality of their sleep. This combination also makes silk pillowcases a unique gift idea for family and friends, and MayfairSilk has a range of pillowcases to suit various styles.

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