MAXUM fitness Reveals Top Tips To Get In Shape From Home In Canada

New blog post from MAXUM Fitness has offered a detailed guide on how to power up the fitness game from home with the help of most essential home gym equipment.

New blog post from MAXUM fitness has offered a detailed guide on how to power up the fitness game from home with the help of most essential Home Gym Equipment.

Social distancing norms and the current Work-From-Home culture have barely left scope for outdoor activities which has had eventually taken a toll on fitness levels. But here comes a great news- leading home gym equipment site MAXUM Fitness has recently shared a new post that has unveiled the best pro tips to get back in shape right from home in Canada.

Titled “10 Ways To Get In Better Shape From Home In Canada”, the post extends an elaborate discussion on the right types of home gym equipment that can help to elevate the fitness level even when people are stuck at home. The post also covers tips on how to choose and use these gears as well as the different types of muscles that will get toned.

The first piece of home gym equipment that users should invest in to optimize their fitness level is power rack home gym. As per the MAXUM post, a good option will be S-150 Smith Machine Functional Trainer Home. Power rack home gym will be handy for different high calorie burning exercises like lifts, presses and squats. The post has further listed down the essential attachments to be mindful of while buying a premium power rack home gym.

A stationary bike would make a great addition to any power rack home gym. These bikes are immensely helpful to build strong arm and leg and muscles, right from the comfort of home. The MAXUM post has also listed down the must-have features in a standard stationary bike to guide users about buying the right bike for their home gym.

Since cardio exercises are compulsory to get back in better shape, the MAXUM fitness post has advised to invest in the good old jumping ropes. For those who want a more elevated experience, there are modern high-tech versions too with handy additions like duration clock and digital clock.

Other tips focus on home gym equipment that helps to strengthen the muscles in multiple areas of the body. As per the post, it would be great if users can invest in rowing machines as they help to work on legs, chest, gluteus, and arms. Users should also lift lighter weights as they help to power up the muscles in back, torso, arm, and also the leg area.

Moving further, the MAXUM fitness post has stressed on the importance of bench press to revive fitness levels, followed by suggestions on a top-notch Incline/Decline Bench Press equipment. As per the post, users must also add suspension trainers and medicine balls to their home gym.

Interestingly, the post has also advised to include massage rollers for an effective post-workout routine. These foam massage rollers help to relax tissues along various muscle areas and also prevent unnecessary workout-related strain.

All the equipment mentioned in the post are available on MAXUM fitness website. The company offers free shipping on orders over $500.

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