Maverick Applied Science launches a new educational website.

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Maverick Applied Science has launched a new website, designed to educate, inform and serve the field of engineering and inspections of FRP solutions for corrosive applications.

Jeff Eisenman, CEO of Maverick Applied Science, announces the launch of a brand new website with a focus on video-based education for the FRP industry.

“We’re excited to launch this new website, designed in part to offer greater education about FRP solutions for our industry. We will be implementing a video-based educational series that will share improvements and innovations, as well as best practices for all matters relating to FRP and dual laminates. Our hope is to continue to serve our clients and community throughout North America and globally with valuable information that will enable better decision-making, and showcase cost savings and increased efficiencies across the board.”

This project has been in the works since the latter part of 2020. Maverick decided to make use of video as a means to share new developments and industry evolutions in a user friendly fashion. The educational style will be largely conversational, presenting topics in such a way that both experts and non-experts can consume the content and make the understanding of FRP accessible to far more companies. Maverick Applied Science is dedicated to proving that FRP piping, vessels and tanks are safe, reliable, cost effective solutions. Their engineers, designers, inspectors, pipe support staff and other personnel are among the most knowledgeable, experienced and dedicated available anywhere in the world. Videos will be released several times per month and housed on the new website where they can be reviewed and revisited as often as desired. In a video driven era, Eisenman believes that this is the best way to showcase the many services of Maverick Applied Science while simultaneously serving the industry as a whole.

The new website is also mobile friendly allowing users on tablets and mobile devices to easily navigate and view Maverick’s content. This is important in today’s mobile centric world.

Visit to view the new site.

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