Mattress For Side Sleepers Lower Back And Hip Pain Support Report Launched

Sleep Well Guide announced that a new report about the benefits of using the Puffy mattress is now available. This new mattress helps customers feel more well-rested and alert during the day.

Sleep Well Guide launched a new report about the benefits of using a mattress specifically designed for side sleepers with lower and upper back or hip pain. The report also announced that Firm Core Support Layer designed a unique mattress that helps keep the spine aligned while eliminating pressure points.

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Sleeping on the wrong mattress can lead to or worsen back pain. The newly launched report by Sleep Well Guide aims to educate on the benefits of sleeping on a mattress that provides both comfort and back support.

Chronic back pain affects millions of adults and many experience frequent sleep disruptions due to the constant discomfort. However, with the right mattress, people can reduce their aches and pains during the night.

With the vast variety of mattresses on the market, choosing the right mattress can be difficult. Sleep Well Guide explains that the right mattress should encourage good sleeping posture, relax muscles and generally provide healthy, wholesome sleep.

The report also notes that the new Puffy mattress was designed to help customers with low back or hip pain. The mattress provides both back support and sleep comfort.

After purchase, customers have 101 nights to try it. If they are not 100% satisfied, they can return the mattress for a full refund.

Every part of the Puffy mattress is designed and made in the USA and UK for their home market. In addition, the mattress comes with a lifetime warranty.

A satisfied customer said: “I’m 60 years old and a few years ago I bought a new mattress and an adjustable base. The salesman told me it would change life. It didn’t. So I bought a Puffy thinking I had nothing to lose. I dropped it on the same adjustable base and it had been life altering. Thank you Puffy for an honest night’s sleep.”

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