Matthew Anton Gets Interviwed by Mike From Maine Show

Matthew Anton has just co-released Crowd Search Me with SmartRank technology on the JVzoo platform and is interviwed by Mike From Maine.

Matthew Anton is an online marketer that has just co-released Crowd Search Me, a cloud based software designed to enhance a website’s organic user metrics in order to increase rankings in the major search engines; available within the JVzoo platform.

Mike From Maine” is the interviewer. He’s a successful online marketer that has been making money online for years, documenting his journey and interviewing other successful marketers. He is known for his no frills style approach, tough questions, and a neutral tone to give his readership a fair, objective view.

Dan Anton is the main project leader behind Crowd Search Me, as brother and partner, the two have released software and services since 2010, servicing over 10,000 active monthly recurring users. It has achieved the honor of “Product of the Day” with a 6 figure launch within less than one week.

The interview focuses on the history of the brothers, the service, and how it can benefit those looking to perform search engine optimization (SEO) for their websites.

Release ID: 71849