Matte Liquid Lipsticks Transfer & Kiss Proof Lip Stains Launched In California

California based Keiri Cosmetics have launched a new liquid matte lipstick product. The online retailers stock a wide range of cosmetic products and accessories in their online store.

Keiri Cosmetics have announced the launch of their new matte liquid lipsticks. Keiri Cosmetics stock a range of cosmetics and accessories in their online store.

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Keiri Cosmetics is a beauty brand and a community of diverse, supportive women and men who create products that celebrate their customers. They explain that they want their products to make their customers to smile and to live beautifully.

The California based company have just released their newest product which is a liquid matte lipstick. This long lasting liquid lip stain glides on as a smooth liquid and dries to matte finish that lasts all day on the lips.

The liquid matte lipsticks have an intense pigmented color, are non drying, comfortable to wear and are transfer free. This means that customers can wear their lipstick without the worry of it fading or coming off even when eating a drinking.

Keiri Cosmetics liquid matte lipstick is available in three shades or as a liquid matte lipstick trio. The intense colors can be worn alone or alternatively they can combined and blended to create custom hues suited to the individual wearer.

The company also offer a selection of cosmetic accessories available in their online store. The store stocks a Marble Makeup Brush Set which is a professional quality ten piece set. The handles are an on trend marble and rose gold design. The complete set allows the user to apply foundation, blusher, bronzer, eye shadow and much more.

Another popular and on trend product available is the Choker Tattoo Jewelry set. The set features a range of designs and colors of tattoo transfers that resemble a choker necklace when applied. Colors included are black, silver and gold and feature chain and lace patterns.

Keiri Cosmetics have an Instagram account where their customers and fans leave feedback. They are currently offering their Instagram followers an introductory discount with the code: ‘keiri’. Their Instagram can be found here:

Those wishing to find out more about Keiri Cosmetics and their new range of liquid matte lipsticks can visit the website on the link provided above.

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