Matt Clark Jason Katzenback Online Interactive Business Course Tools Launched is Launching a new online business building course for new starters and business professionals who want to build successful businesses or improve their existing one. It is an interactive step-by-step course that gives access to a private community network.

A new online business course is launching21/07/2016, offering strategies that can be implemented from the ground up so interested parties can create their own business from scratch, build it, and help it grow through proven techniques. Hosted by, the platform was created to help business owners improve their product, whether they are just starting out or are already experienced.

More information can be found on the course website at:

The site explains that the business creation course will be ideal for any interested parties who have always wanted to start a business, as they can see the tactics that have worked for successful businessmen, learn what it was about those techniques that made them successful, and implement them in a way that’s directly related to their chosen niche.

In addition to this, the site underscored that owners of already successful businesses can also take their company to the next level through the right resources, helping the business go from strength to strength.

The courses are fully interactive, with software tools that are specially designed to help businesses grow and to build on their success. Interested parties taking the course will learn from experienced entrepreneurs and join a community of thousands of business owners ready to help them succeed.

The site goes on to say that there are over 15,000 active participants in the course at present, all building businesses of their own through proven strategies that are easy to learn and implement. Each course is described as step-by-step and easy to follow, with the single goal of helping to build a more successful business.

Students will gain access to a private online community, giving them a network of successful people to help build the business in more ways.

The website was founded as Amazing Academy by Matt Clark and Jason Katzenback, two independent business owners who shared a singular vision. Now it has developed into a premium course provider, with full course details available on the site for interested parties to read about. Anyone with further questions can get in touch through the contact page on site.

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