Matched Betting Group Rave About Updated Profit Accumulator Bookie System

Summit Media was founded in 2010 and serves the Internet Marketing industry. It is known for honest reviews and testing new internet marketing products.

Summit Media have released the test results of a matched betting system called Profit Accumulator.

The test was performed to prove or disprove if Profit Accumulator can help produce earnings of up to £2000 per month tax free.

The full product test is available to view at

Summit Media owner {Brian Oliver} stated – ‘ there are many people considering joining Profit Accumulator but are put off by the stigma of gambling. The test group have been assembled to prove or disprove whether gambling is a requirement and if the profit forecasts are a true reflection’

The test reported on how well Profit Accumulator actually delivers, and included insights into whether it might be a good purchase at the current price.

The most important and crucial test carried out, was to ascertain if the system involved gambling.

Result – False

The results confirmed the Profit Accumulator system is not a gambling system , and that it contains no element of risk.

This was proven on the first element of the test, where Summit Media were able to sign up for multiple bookmaker accounts and make use of the generous bonus offers that the UK bookmakers give out freely to new customers.

An online calculator and odds checker is provided, and during the test phase, Summit Media used the tools to place the bonus money on a match that guaranteed a risk free and tax free profit. (Winnings in the UK from bookmakers are exempt from tax)

Summit Media have tested this system extensively over the last 12 weeks, and have found most of the claims to be true.

Another important claim that was put to the test was that ‘ anybody over the age of 18 can easily make a £2,000 per month income working just 4 hours per week’

Result – False

Summit Media tests found that over 2 hours per day was need to achieve this level of result.

Another simple test carried out by Summit Media was the ease of use for newcomers.

The findings were as follows –

The profit accumulator system provides extensive training and support for its new members, with video walk through’s and written instructions. There is also a busy help forum where fellow members are happy to give the newcomers a helping hand.

The test of the system has been recorded on video, and can be seen here –

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