Matcha Green Tea Powder Lowers Insulin Resistance & Blood Sugar Video Released

Vervei Leaf launched a new video on whether drinking matcha green tea powder can help diabetes, lowering blood sugar levels and lowering insulin resistance levels

Vervei Leaf launched a new video on whether drinking matcha green tea powder can help diabetes and lower blood sugar levels and insulin resistance.

A matcha and health specialist company has released a new video dealing with the question of whether drinking matcha can help the diabetes condition. The company specializes in premium authentic Japanese matcha but also has other health-related products like MCT coconut oil. The brand focuses on providing only the highest quality products to customers across the United States

The video detailing the question of whether drinking matcha can help diabetes and blood sugar levels can be found here:

Matcha is a very fine green powder, that is ground using traditional stone methods. Ground from the same tea plant that usual green tea is made from, but matcha powder is dissolved into the liquid instead of brewed when prepared as a drink.

Traditionally matcha has been enjoyed and popularized in Japan, however, in recent times it has gained in popularity in the United States and Europe. This is partly due to health benefits and great taste that matcha provides.

Controlling your weight is part of avoiding the diabetes condition and matcha can also help you achieve this. If you are going to have a workout, consuming matcha before will aid in even more calorie burning. Some studies boast a 30 percent increase in fat burning if matcha is consumed before a workout.

Matcha can also help as an appetite suppressant and will not break a fast since it has zero calories. Remaining in the fasting state has been shown to increase metabolism and aid in the bodies fat burning.

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