Master Making More Money Through Webinars With Siddharth Rajsekar’s New Guide

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Siddharth Rajsekar reveals all his secrets to make money through Webinars in one of his more powerful ultimate guides.

The Founder of Internet Lifestyle Hub, Siddharth Rajsekar launched his guide, ‘The Ultimate Guide to make more Money through Webinars’, with an objective to help digital coaches, marketers create brand awareness as well as generate sales through webinars. As a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, Webinars have become a part of the day to day life. Whether it is online classes, workshops, training or learning webinars have proved to be one of the most powerful tools in digital communication and marketing. Webinars have one of the highest audience attention rates. According to Make Social Media Sell, 40% of listeners pay attention from the beginning of a webinar all the way to the end, which is a high number considering individual attention spans have been reduced tremendously and only a few content creators can keep the audience engaged throughout. In fact, long-form content creators are paid a lot more than short-form content creators, as they offer a lot more credibility. Webinars pose as a very profitable tool to make direct sales to potential customers.

Siddharth Rajsekar, India’s leading digital coach and the author of this guide has conducted over 300 webinars, made $50,000 in sales via Webinars which is a very high conversion rate, had 400+ interactions and maintained a constant of 70% show-up rate. This can be replicated for most webinars conducted, with the right tactics and approaches. This guide is the package to successful webinars and a path to making more money through webinars.

The guide covers the following topics in detail:-

The Importance of Webinars in present times

How to conduct a successful webinar?

Different products that can be sold in a Webinar

Elements of a successful webinar

The pricing models for products sold through a Webinar

The structuring of a webinar

The sales process

How to create more energy and engagement during your webinar?

How to increase conversion rate during webinars?

Payment Gateways that can be used for webinars

How to increase webinar show up rate?

Traditionally, there were two forms of marketing; one-on-one pitch based marketing, wherein the product or service providing agency would pitch to a company one-on-one, and then the company would decide whether to take up the product or service being offered. The second form of marketing is one-to-many, wherein seminars were conducted and the seller would have to be the speaker in order to attract a larger audience to their product offering. A webinar is very similar to a seminar but far more beneficial, the reason being, any person, from any part of the world can join your webinar at no or minimum cost. So there are higher chances of attracting a target audience that is actually interested in the information being shared and therefore also potentially interested in buying products and services related to the topic.

However, there are certain challenges that the host conducting the webinar has to face as well. For example; The topic should cater to a niche, thereby ensuring a more keen audience, prior to this, the host should be able to create enough buzz around the webinar in order to ensure a good turn-up. Once the turn up is received, the speaker should be able to keep the audience engrossed and utilise the 30 to 40 minutes with information that will keep the audience engaged throughout. Being passionate about the topic is what helps to be a better speaker. To make the audience stay, titles need to be catchy with a quick introduction to the micro-niche topic and a call to action is what a good webinar essentially comprises of.

To understand these aspects in greater detail, the ultimate guide will work wonders.

Since Covid, everyone has learnt the importance of being technologically and digitally savvy. As the world changes, so should our skills adapt to this change. The world is much faster paced now. Video streaming, creating has reached heights never thought before. Webinar has posed as the new tool to introduce yourself to a selected audience but with a global reach. With such power, one has to learn how to crack conducting a webinar, Siddharth Rajsekar, India’s leading digital coach explains in his guide how to conduct a successful webinar and tactically place your product and service for sale towards the end of the webinar.

Siddharth Rajsekar, Founder, Internet Lifestyle Hub, commented on the launch of The Ultimate Guide to make more Money through Webinars, ‘The webinar acts as a lead magnet, offering relevant information for free, you can attract customers. People however will only buy your product or service if it matches the contents of the webinar or is of their interest. A webinar ended on a high note also increases the probability of a customer buying your product.”

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