Massage in Leeds or Massage Parlour in Leeds? One Word Can Really Make a Difference!

One word can really make a difference, and when it comes to massages, that word is "parlour". Massage in Leeds or Massage Parlour in Leeds?

Leeds, United Kingdom – July 19th, 2014 /PressCable/Massage in Leeds or Massage Parlour in Leeds?

In the past years, many professional masseurs and masseuses have had to deal with awkward conversations with potential clients. It has become a trend for people across the country to link holistic massages with some kind of kinky, erotic massages, although they are drastically different.

One word can really make a difference, and when it comes to massages, that word is “parlour”. Massage in Leeds or Massage Parlour in Leeds? What is the difference? Massage parlour is a common term, established in 1894 during the massage scandals in Britain. The British Medical Association discovered the scandal. In many massage saloons, women were working as prostitutes, offering sexual services to clients, in addition to massages. This was especially popular in saunas, spas, or similar establishments, all of those disguised as illegal brothels. Advertisements in newspapers, when designed for massage parlours, usually contained the phrase “Guaranteed Happy Ending”.

One of the reasons for the mistaken public opinion has to be television, sitcoms in particular. More often than not, in the past years, masseurs and masseuses have been portrayed as people offering sexual services. And that has to stop.

Regular, valid cosmetic saloons and holistic masseurs have had a hard time protecting themselves from this misleading trend. However, there are ways they can protect themselves from uncomfortable requests.

Self-presentation is the most important factor. Regardless if masseurs are employees or they run their own salon, how they present themselves to the public is how they will be perceived. This applies to clothing, tone, stature, and language. One thing to keep in mind is having a business card. Cards or advertisements that have no full name send mixed signals. And they should try not to use advertisements with titles that can be misconstrued, such as “Relaxing Massage by Emma” or something similar.

Asking for information is another way to protect themselves. Clients seeking for something more than a massage are reluctant to give full names and contact numbers. Should they refuse, professional masseurs and masseuses should hang up the phone. Another tactic would be to ask the potential client about any previous massage experiences, and take note of who they will reference.

Working in an office building usually means that massage salon is professional. Massage parlours usually operate from within apartment building, often in some less crowded neighbourhoods.

Services offered by the holistic massage professionals

Holistic massage

This is the most popular treatment, designed specifically to provide stress relief for patients. Since stress can affect the body both mentally and physically, it is important to relieve any accumulated stress from time to time. Stress is one of the biggest killers in the modern world, as it contributes to some of the most severe illnesses.

Deep Tissue Massage

Designed to penetrate deeply into muscle fibers, deep tissue massage is best served for patients who suffer from chronic muscle pain, tension or spasms. The massage helps patients with limited mobility, joint problems or postural problems. Applying maximum pressure, professional masseurs can reach the deepest layers of muscle in the body, and provide much needed relief.

Sports Massage

Designed for athletes to help them with quick recovery, sports massage can help with any injury. Sports massages are a weekly treatment for professional athletes.

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