Maryland Energy Healing Relationship Problems Relieve Stress New Site Launched

Energy MDT specialist Ximena Velasquez has announced the launch of a new site advertising her therapy and healing services through managing energy in the body. The services can help participants to release stress, and balance physical and emotional wellbeing.

A new site has launched for self improvement and personal coaching, using energy transfer to help solve financial, health based and relationship problems. Called Energy MDT, its focus is to help beings grow and transform with the help of multi-dimensional energies, using focused training across a range of subject areas to help people to improve their lives.

More information can be found on the Energy MDT website at:

The site explains that the physical body requires the use of different energies in order for it to maintain its optimum health levels. It goes on to say that, as awareness of the meaning of health and wellness expands, it requires the inclusion of both physical and emotional, mental and spiritual aspects of being to allow people to live to their fullest.

Energy Multi-Dimensional Transformation in Gaithersburg, Maryland was developed to pass along healing energies to clients and interested parties in need, helping to break through conventional methods and broaden horizons on the way to generating and forging a better life.

The Maryland practice is led by Ximena Velasquez, who has served as a gifted energy healer for years, and trained in multi energy modalities. The site underscores that she focuses on pragmatic tools so that her clients can use them as and when needed to better their lives.

One the site, interested parties can discover the full list of services available, including individual sessions, group sessions, and the benefits that both entail. These can include improved inner peace, mental clarity, personal growth and emotional stability.

Using energy healing in this way, participants can re-balance their physical, emotional, mental and spiritual body. This can lead to enhanced calmness, and less blocked energy throughout the body, helping to relax the body and mind and significantly reduce stress.

For interested parties wanting to find out more about Ximena Velasquez and her services, a testimonials page lists reviews from recent clients, and there is a contact page where they can get in touch to ask questions directly

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