Marlton NJ Road Rage Lawyer Auto Accident Attorney Legal Service Launched

Marlton, New Jersey law firm Console and Associates P.C. has expanded its range of services to provide complete legal solutions for victims of road rage accidents.

Console and Associates P.C., a law firm based in Marlton, New Jersey, announced an update of its services to provide its clients with skilled legal representation in road rage cases. The firm works closely with victims of road rage accidents to assess the circumstances of the incident and offer professional legal guidance to help them reach the best possible outcome.

The latest announcement aims to respond to the increased number of road rage incidents following changes in the social climate of the U.S. A new wave of the pandemic coupled with widespread protests and increased unrest over the election are causing increased levels of stress, which is having a negative effective on the safety of drivers and pedestrians.

Console and Associates P.C. helps victims of accidents caused by road rage to take the necessary steps to get compensated and minimize the stress of managing a potentially complex court case.

Unlike typical auto accidents, motorists involved in a car accident with an enraged driver can claim for additional damages caused by the intentional affliction of emotional distress. Additionally, parties involved in accidents caused by a road-rage driver’s actions can also claim for damage, even if the enraged individual was not involved in the collision.

The Marlton law firm offers personalized legal solutions to ensure that clients get their due compensation. The attorneys will help clients obtain a settlement to pay for medical costs and lost wages, psychological pain and trauma, and any other related expenses.

Obtaining compensation is possible even if the road-rage driver is not criminally convicted. While a criminal conviction will help the victim prove a solid case for damages, the claim can also be approved even if the driver does not face criminal justice.

With the latest announcement, Console and Associates P.C. continues to expand its range of high-quality legal solutions according to the diverse needs of its clients.

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