Marketplace Master Professional Certifications Designed to Boost Consumer Trust

Improving the trustworthiness of the automotive retail sales professional is a key factor in Marketplace Master’s leadership’s decision to offer Association of Auto Sales Professionals Certifications during its Sept. 6-8 event at the Dallas Hyatt Regency.

Given that only members of Congress have a worse favorable rating among consumers over auto sales people, leadership with the Marketplace Master Dealership Series Conference and EXPO have connected with the Association of Auto Sales Professionals (AASP) to add more than 13 hours of training during the Sept. 6-8 event at Dallas Hyatt Regency, which will allow both sales managers and associates to earn AASP Certifications.

Marketplace Master was created to allow attendees to get sales, marketing, technology, and management training from the nation’s top experts, as well as large exposition where dealers can learn from and interact with the nation’s top automotive suppliers and vendors. AASP decided this show was the perfect venue to offer its Certification Programs as all five members of AASP’s executive board will be on hand to offer the training, along with another dozen of the nation’s top trainers. Details on the AASP Certification Program can be found here:

“According to the 2016 Gallup Survey of the nation’s most-trusted professions, only members of Congress fared worse than car sales people as the least trusted,” said Beto Paredes, a longtime auto industry executive and founder of the Marketplace Master Dealership Series. “We know this negative image of automotive retail professionals is in part due to stereotypes and misconceptions about our industry, but it’s also due to a lack of consistency in high-level education and training among sales people and managers.”

When Paredes was approached about having the Marketplace Master Dealership Series Conference serve as host to the AASP Certification Programs; he immediately reorganized the event seminar and workshop structure to accommodate the robust requirements to earn the certifications.

Mike Jackson, founder and now chairman of the board of Auto Search Technologies, an international website design and search engine optimization firm, and co-founder of Marketplace Master, said the AASP Certification Programs will raise the level of professionalism throughout the industry and, eventually, the positive image of the automotive retail professional among consumers.

“Let’s face it,” Jackson said, “many people would rather get a root canal that go to a car dealership to purchase a vehicle, despite those fears, in most cases, being truly unwarranted. AASP will not only provide sales, marketing, and advertising training to help these professionals sell more, but also provide training in ethics and psychology that will provide consumers with a level of trust in working with an AASP Certified Professional.”

Certifications will be based on attendance to 10 Marketplace Master workshops and keynote speeches spanning 13 hours over the course of the three-day event.

All 13 hours of training will be required for the AASP Sales Management Certification and 9 hours will be required for the AASP Sales Certification. Attendance will be taken at all workshops and seminars. Maintaining the certification will require continuing education both online and other events held across the country.

AASP Board Members, each a longtime veteran of the automotive retail industry, hand-picked the training sessions to acquire the certifications. Board members include: Tim Kintz, Tom Stuker, Fran Taylor, and Mark Tewart. Together these trainers have more than 250 years’ experience in dealership sales and retail automotive management training. Details about these top trainers can be found at the link above.

Stuker, an internationally recognized sales and dealership management consultant, is known as the founder of the business development center concept and author of “Guaranteed Sales Success” and host of the reality TV series “Car Lot Rescue,” said the AASP’s Certification Programs are overdue in this industry.

“At a time when dealer profit margins are razor thin and the industry is changing right before our eyes, it’s essential to have the most well-educated and trained professionals earning the trust of consumers and bolstering the image of our industry, one satisfied customer at a time.”

About Marketplace Master Dealership Series

The Marketplace Master Dealership Series Conference and EXPO is the most dealer-focused, education-centered Conference and EXPO in the nation. The goal of conference is to bring expert advice, sales training, and marketing best practices that will help educate and help better the automotive industry nationwide. For full details about the Marketplace Master Dealership Series Convention and Exposition visit

About Association of Auto Sales Professional

The Association of Auto Sales Professionals offers certifications for management and sales personnel throughout the retail automotive industry. Certification requirements include 12-14 hours for management professionals and 8-10 hours for sales professionals. The Certification Programs elevate the standards of the profession, which enhance individual and sales team performance. For more information about this program visit

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