Marketplace Master Dealership Series Touts Best Lineup of Trainers Ever Gathered

Automotive retail sales associates, their managers, and dealer principals have an opportunity to educate themselves in cutting-edge sales prospecting, closing, marketing, and social influencing techniques designed to increase financial success, during the Marketplace Master EXPO Sept. 6-8, at the Hyatt Regency Dallas.

DALLAS (Aug. 16, 2017) — More than two dozen of the nation’s top trainers will bring their special expertise to the Marketplace Master Dealership Series Conference and EXPO, Sept. 6-8, at the Hyatt Regency Dallas with one goal in mind — to make attendees the most well-trained sales and marketing professionals in the country capable of selling and earning more.

Event co-founder Beto Paredes, himself the founder of two automotive marketing and website companies with more than 4,000 dealers in his customer base, said this show’s lineup will offer the best training ever assembled at one event — valued in the thousands of dollars.

“This isn’t hyperbole,” Paredes said. “We know we will not only exceed expectations, we will crush them. Our attendees will leave the show with the most current tools and information they can immediately implement and begin earning more money now.”

Event co-founder Mike Jackson, founder and now board chairman of the automotive website design and search engine optimization firm with thousands of dealer clients, Auto Search Technologies, will give a keynote address on turning a dealership’s sales staff into social media influencers.

“Dealers know the importance of being on social media, but don’t fully understand what their own personnel can do to become influencers and thought leaders on these platforms,” Jackson said.

Peter Martin, a digital marketing expert with decades of experience in marketing and advertising, will discus the importance of video testimonials and the power of online reviews.

“You can talk about social media and the money you spend on advertising and marketing,” Martin said, “but unless you are encouraging your satisfied customers to give a positive testimonial and manage your sales processes to avoid negative reviews, you will lose in the marketplace.”

Current research shows that 91% of people read online reviews and 84% of those online review readers trust what they read as much as they trust recommendations from friends. Martin will teach attendees how to get the get the best, most positive reviews possible, and how to manage negative testimonials.

Paredes said Marketplace Master Dealership Series event coordinators have sought out the best trainers, with the most real-world experience, who have access to the most current information and expertise available.

“When you look at our list of speakers we have experienced, seasoned professionals, and savvy, well-informed newcomers who will bring the breadth and depth of knowledge that will make this show the must-attend event of the year, and for many years to come,” Paredes said.

Fran Taylor, known as the “King of Prospecting,” will present three full hours of his award-winning training and provide attendees with tools to assist them in selling 30 units a month and more.

“Fran Taylor Techniques has helped thousands of sales associates and managers move from average to great,” Taylor said. “Our training changes lives. Set your goals, work to achieve them, and create wealth for yourself and your dealership. No, it’s not easy. It’s hard work, but with the right tools, and motivation, you can move from good to great and beyond in months.”

Members of the Association of Automotive Sales Professionals (AASP) were so impressed with the Marketplace Master speaker lineup, they decided to use this event to showcase their Sales Manager and Sales Associate Certifications.

Each member of the AASP Board of Directors, Tom Stuker, Fran Taylor, Tim Kintz, and Mark Tewart, will be on hand to deliver their special expertise in sales, service, marketing and advertising, prospecting, motivation and more. Also on the board are Martin, who is the executive director, Paredes and Jackson, are both board members.

“This event will be talked about for a long time to come as the right way to bring education and training to the marketplace,” Martin said. “Beto and Mike know and understand retailers in a way only business professionals serving the marketplace can. They have seen, firsthand, the trainers and speakers they have put in place, and the AASP recognizes the depth of talent they have assembled. We’re proud to be able to offer our certifications at this show.”

AASP Sales Manager and Sales Associate Certifications will be based on attendance at 10 Marketplace Master workshops and keynote speeches spanning 13 hours over the course of the three-day event. All 13 hours of training will be required for the AASP Sales Management Certification and 9 hours will be required for the AASP Sales Certification. Attendance will be taken at all workshops and seminars. Maintaining the certification will require continuing education both online and other events held across the country.

About Marketplace Master Dealership Series

The Marketplace Master Dealership Series Conference and EXPO is the most dealer-focused, education-centered Conference and EXPO in the nation. The goal of conference is to bring expert advice, sales training, and marketing best practices that will help educate and help better the automotive industry nationwide. For full details about the Marketplace Masters Dealership Series Convention and Exposition visit

About Association of Auto Sales Professional

The Association of Auto Sales Professionals offers certifications for management and sales personnel throughout the retail automotive industry. Certification requirements include 12-14 hours for management professionals and 8-10 hours for sales professionals. The Certification Programs elevate the standards of the profession, which enhance individual and sales team performance. For more information about this program visit

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