Marketing Podcast “American Voices” Reaches Number 13 on iTunes Chart

Katie Coates launched the American Voices Broadcast, a Marketing podcast, on iTunes on March 22, 2021. It reached the number 13 chart position on the platform, and earned 41 five-star ratings.

American Voices Broadcast launched on March 22, 2021 and reached the 13th chart position in the U.S. in the Marketing category on the iTunes platform. The podcast can be found and subscribed to on iTunes:

Katie Coates, the host of American Voices Broadcast, interviews guests and provides commentary on issues of importance to business owners and entrepreneurs.

Some of the topics featured in recent episodes include:

– How to increase visibility for online entrepreneurs

– How to get started in broadcasting to build an audience

– The most important thing entrepreneurs can do to build an enthusiastic, engaged audience

– The American values business owners prioritize in helping them achieve the American Dream

Ms. Coates has high hopes for the success of the podcast, which has received excellent reviews and an average five-star rating from listeners. She wants it to encourage business owners to think about and communicate about the values that drive them to success.

“Americans have been targeted with a lot of divisive information over the past five years or so. I believe we share more values than we disagree on,” said Katie Coates in a recent interview. “I want us to spend more energy on discovering our commonalities and our shared values.”

One listener said, “[This podcast is] ideal for any small business owner! Coates does an outstanding job of simplifying these marketing musts with interviews that impress and inspire!”

Another fan of the podcast, reviewing the show, said, “This podcast is super useful for my business! The variety of interviews and topics are great! And so applicable to so many people’s businesses and life goals these days.”

The show, which is uploaded weekly, can be found here: .

Business owners, including online entrepreneurs, YouTubers, authors, and coaches of all kinds who are interested in partnership or media opportunities can apply to be a guest on the podcast:

Release ID: 89005206