Marketing Momentum for Childrens Authors by Laurie Wright LAUNCHED

A new marketing membership for childrens authors has just launched. 'The Momentum Club' supports authors in all stages of publishing to make meaningful progress in their marketing efforts.

Book marketing coach Laurie Wright has launched a new marketing membership which authors within the childrens book publishing & marketing space should find particularly interesting.

‘The Momentum Club’, now available online for purchase HERE, is helping authors gain momentum online; to grow their impact, and make more sales.

While there is no shortage of sales & marketing information available online, time is at a premium. New authors have a lot of learning to do, and not enough time to wade through it all on their own.

Childrens authors need info that is current, relevant, and actionable.

The Momentum Club was created to cut through the online noise, and to help authors be laser focused on what will actually work.

Highlights of the program include pre-done content that authors customize to suit their needs, media posts, emails, and blogs. Also implementation work sessions are held weekly. Mindset meetings allow authors to begin each week with renewed positivity and inspiration.

Marketing For Childrens Authors got its start when Founder Laurie Wright noticed a growing need from childrens authors for marketing help, and a group solution with done-for-you content provided was the obvious answer.

Laurie Wright is quoted saying: “Connection with authors is vital, to make sure everyone gets the help and support they need. Weekly meetings to customize the content, to implement it, and to learn from each other makes all the difference. The accountability and support found within the group are the secret sauce to gaining – and keeping – momentum.”

The Momentum Club is now open for enrolment. Authors who write for children and are struggling to make meaningful progress with their social media content, email marketing, or content marketing would benefit from joining this program. To find out more, visit the Marketing for Childrens Authors site.

For further information about childrens book publishing and marketing, listen to the weekly show, The Writer’s Way podcast.

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