Marketing Funnels Are a Hot Topic for Effective Affiliate Marketing

Marketing Funnels Are a Hot Topic. Without a doubt one of the hottest topics in the world of online business and marketing TODAY.

Marketing Funnels Are a Hot Topic for Effective Affiliate Marketing

Online marketing is a tough field to operate in with fierce competition. No wonder the hottest topic to emerge recently is that of marketing funnels or sales funnels that track a buyer’s journey from their very first visit to purchase and subsequent visits as a regular and loyal customer. A new software, INSTAFUNNEL, is now available to help amateurs and professionals get the best out of a marketing funnel.

INSTAFUNNEL is a ‘completely done for you’ marketing platform, and a collection of diverse tools that allow affiliate marketers to set up the best way to earn revenue and not be shortchanged by original sellers. Among its benefits is a radically new way to build up e-mail lists even if potential customers sent to direct sellers do not make a purchase.

Operating as an optimal marketing funnel, INSTAFUNNEL uses the four-step elevation marketing process that covers traffic, conversion, ascension, and elevation. INSTAFUNNEL identifies the leads and their origins by offering a free lead magnet such as a free e-book, and then obtains a micro-commitment to take some form of action, such as a sale for a low-priced item, or a test drive for a car or a simple sharing of information. In the ascension stage, INSTAFUNNEL does the selling and creates ‘hot’ leads. Finally, at the elevation stage, INSTAFUNNEL follows up with customers to strengthen the relationship.

“INSTAFUNNEL is what every online marketer today is waiting for, to run a successful online venture without having to depend much on original sellers. As a bonus, I am offering you a FREE marketing funnel that has 100s of people start down the road to long-term wealth and independence,” says a spokesperson for INSTAFUNNEL.

The INSTAFUNNEL suite of products comprises Profit Canvas, an elite set of tools to create any type of funnel; Brett’s Circle, an all inclusive training package for affiliate marketing and product launches; and Link Master, Video Takeover and Affiliate Trax.


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