Marketing Freelancer Marketplace Curated Fiverr Part Time Job Listings Launched

Cybergigs5 of Wilberforce, OH has just updated its curated Fiverr-based freelancing marketplace. It now includes a host of part-time professionals who can help businesses grow.

Wilberforce, OH-based Cybergigs5 announces its updated freelance service offerings. The firm helps small businesses connect with a variety of freelancers who can help their enterprise grow.

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The services have been upgraded to allow entrepreneurs to find skilled part-time workers, which is much more affordable than hiring in-house professionals. These offerings include everything from graphic design, digital marketing, writing, and IT, among others.

This development is in line with the fast-growing gig economy, which has grown by over 15% over the past decade. Cybergigs5 curates the best talents in a variety of fields to make it easier for business owners to find suitable freelancers.

Cybergigs5’s platform is powered by the Fiverr freelance marketplace, the leading platform of its kind. This ensures that clients have access to a deep pool of highly qualified talents for a wide variety of tasks.

As the name suggests, tasks on Cybergigs5 costs as low as $5, a considerably lower price compared to other freelancing platforms. The firm says that its services are geared towards SMEs, many of whom are cash-strapped due to the pandemic.

The freelancing tasks on offer are especially targeted towards marketing and lead generation, two factors that can help businesses rebuild their bottom line. Listed freelance professionals also have ratings, which makes it easy to find the top-performing talents.

Cybergigs5 highlights that freelancing is part of the future of working, and offers greater flexibility since businesses can hire professionals as needed. It also unshackles talent from geographical limitations, as entrepreneurs can now hire freelancers from anywhere in the country or world.

Cybergigs5 is a leading provider of freelancing services to the small business community. Its aim is to help companies utilize technology to make their enterprise more competitive.

A spokesperson says: “Freelancing is a growing trend in the workforce and it offers business many advantages. Our goal is to serve as the bridge between top talents and the promising enterprises that want to hire them.”

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