Marketing Experts MLMNerds Announce New Service Launch for kulaBrands Networking

MLM Nerds has announced a formal launch of the Autoposting for kulaBrands' kulaSocial goals, it's the latest in Automated Social Media Posting for Network Marketing Members.

MLM Nerds are working on their newest launch for kulaSocial starting December 1st that promotes kulaBrands on social media. These two companies have a wealth of combined experience in Building networking businesses online with automated processes, Helping the community work towards their main goal, of Launching, Building, Branding.

Interested parties can view full service details on the following website:

With the launch of autoposting for kulaSocial, MLM Nerds will be takin on the multiple responsibilities including:

Online delivery within 24 hours – MLM Nerds provides full support to members who decide to participate in autoposting for their social media accounts.

Lead generation website – An optional lead generation website is available for a 1 time fee and is not required for the autoposting service.

Earned commissions – People can earn up to 40% commissions on all services. Not associated with kulaBrands comp plan.

kulaSocial has been created specifically for Network Marketing Members of kulaBrands and come with multiple features:

Fully Automated Posting to 8 Social Media Accoutns – Never miss an opportunity to grow the business’ global reach.

Building valuable branding pool points daily on autopilot – Every day, many times a day members are earning branding points

Links and hashtags in every posts – Each post contains links back to designated lead generation websites and funnels including hashtags for of the featured brands and products.

Daniel Morel, Head Nerd of MLM Nerds had this to say about the new autoposting service launch for kulaSocial:

MLM Nerd’s programs is making prospecting and recruiting and automated process for everyone who needs a set-it-and-forget-it solution to building a massive exposure for their networking business.

Those interested in learning more about the autoposting service can do so here: Those interested in purchasing a built-for-them website can do so here:

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