Marketing Consultancy Momentum Solutions provides remote/ digital solutions

Marketing consultancy Momentum Solutions has announced a range of remote/ digital options for US Brands including: User Generated Content, digital marketing, tech and innovation projects, animation and remote photography and real people directing services for brands in the US.

Momentum Solutions, a marketing consultancy based in Miami, Florida, released an updated range of online marketing, branding and content strategy solutions for brands and agencies in the United States. The company works with a team of user generated content specialists, content developers, creatives, photographers, directors and other experts to provide efficient solutions for companies across sectors.

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With the new release, Momentum Solutions offers a complete digital marketing package designed to help brands connect with more potential customers.

In light of the current coronavirus pandemic and the subsequent lockdown, businesses are relying more and more on digital strategies to increase their market reach. Surveys show that more than 90% of modern consumers use the internet to find companies in their areas, and the figure is expected to increase as lockdown measures become widespread throughout the world.

Momentum Solutions offers a complete digital marketing service which covers everything from SEO and e-mail marketing to advertising and online branding. Particularly under the lockdown, Momentum’s services are mostly remote and they are able to continue providing means for communication.

The agency also creates high-authority multimedia content campaigns to promote its clients’ brands, products, services and events. The content includes news articles, blog posts, podcasts, TV and radio commercials and videos distributed over national media sources.

Other available services include experiential marketing, commercial photography and production, innovation and technology campaigns, and many others.

The recent announcement aims to provide a comprehensive marketing and advertising solution for businesses all over the US.

The agency continues to invest in innovative approaches at the intersection of traditional marketing and cutting-edge AR, digital marketing and strategic online advertising, with the end goal of providing businesses and brands with an effective solution to all their marketing and advertising needs.

“Recognized as the go-to source for sourcing leading talent in everything advertising, Momentum Solutions offers solutions to the complex marketing challenges in the modern world,” said a company spokesperson. “Providing top talent for agency and brand clients, Momentum Solutions is a consulting firm offering 360-degree solutions. Our offerings range from technology to user-generated content, SEO and agency connections, event-planning activations and brand sponsorship.”

Momentum Solutions is led and founded by Bettina Abascal, a leading marketing and advertising expert with more than 20 years of experience. She has worked with prestigious names in the advertising, TV and film industries such as MTV, renowned auto brands like Ford, Nissan, Chase, Carvana, Verizon, AT&T, and many others.

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