Marketing Company Launches Innovative Website Service to Benefit Business Owners

Cincinnati based Intercept Marketing, LLC is launching an innovative website design and hosting service with the goal of alleviating many of the problems experienced by business owners.

Intercept Marketing LLC, a Cincinnati based marketing company, has launched a new program to benefit business owners. The objective of the program is to fill a need the company believes is currently lacking, while increasing business visibility and cash flow.

In today’s business world, it’s generally recognized that having a company website is essential, whether to attract customers, sell products or services, or to just afford the company credibility as a legitimate business.

Said Ben Hanania, company SEO “The vast majority of business owners, while experts in their own field, have very little expertise when it comes to creating a website for their company, and so must hire someone to do it for them.”

He went on to say “While there are plenty of companies out there who are ready to create and host a website for the business owner, the problem arises when he/she wishes to retain ownership of their site’s content, and the domain name on which it resides. Many design and hosting company insists on retaining ownership themselves, essentially holding the business owner ‘hostage’.”

He added “So what happens when the business owner no longer wishes to continue paying the sometimes exorbitant monthly hosting and site maintenance fees? It’s ‘Bye bye website!’ along with all the content on it, as well as the domain name itself.”

Rick Barron, Chief Relationship Officer added “There are just too few services out there that will build, customize, maintain, and periodically update a website for the business owner, while allowing him/her the option of owning the domain name and maintaining full control over the content. And even the few that do, in most cases provide very poor support, slow response times, and charge unreasonably high fees to make minor changes and updates to the site.”

The new service being offered by Intercept Marketing includes designing a new, mobile friendly website for the business owner, customizing the site for his/her individual needs, hosting the site, providing a high level of security against hacking attempts, and updating and making ongoing minor changes at no additional charge.

Once initial web design fees have been satisfied, the business owner can transfer the domain name to his/her own domain registrar account, and retain full ownership of the domain name and website content if they so wish. At that point, he/she will have the option of discontinuing the monthly service and the accompanying fees, or retaining hosting, site maintenance, and website security services for a nominal monthly investment.

To learn more about Intercept Marketing and the new service being offered, visit:

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