Marketing Campaign ROI Tracker & Autoresponder List Building Software Launched

Arts Trax, a unique and leading software with step-by-step video training to help online marketers with any level of tech skill or prior experience improve the results (ROI) achieved with their product promotion or marketing campaigns online while growing their email list, has been launched.

Arts Internet Marketing announced the launch of ‘Arts Trax’, a unique, proven and easy to use software supported by leading video training to help beginners or more advanced online marketers effectively track, optimize and improve their product promotion and marketing efforts online while growing their contact list.

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The brand new ‘Arts Trax’ software and training kit was developed by the renowned online marketers Mike from Maine and Brett Rutecky to provide a complete and simple blueprint for fellow online marketers with any level of tech skill or prior experience and contact list looking to build their own professional, leading and sustainable product promotion system.

The software allows users to track every key detail about the products they’re selling or promoting and access a broad range of valuable real-time statistics on the success or ROI of each campaign and the results achieved with each costumer to optimize or improve the least cost effective campaigns and be able to re-target or drop the more or least receptive contacts.

The real-time data tracked and made available by ‘Arts Trax’ also opens the possibility for more informed decisions when investing on paid product promotion or marketing solutions like PPC, banner ads, professional SEO services, and more, by being able to set a budget in accordance with the data provided by the software on the average return rates of each product and campaign.

In addition, the unique and proven ‘Arts Trax’ software also provides online marketers with a leading solution to easily, conveniently and automatically build or grow their contact list by adding the customers’ email addresses directly to their autoresponder even when promoting and marketing products for and from other parties online.

Leading and detailed step-by-step ‘over the shoulder’ video training by Mike and Brett themselves to show users with any level of tech skill and experience exactly how to setup the software and best leverage its multiple innovative, unique and proven features for optimum results is also provided with the ‘Arts Trax’ software.

More information on the newly launched ‘Arts Trax’ software and training provided along with its proven and tested benefits for online marketers with any level of skill or prior experience and contact list looking to improve and automate their product promotion efforts and methods while growing their contact list can be consulted on the website link provided above.

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