Marketing agency Digital Planet helping businesses go digital during a pandemic

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Helping businesses go digital during a pandemic. Marketing agency Digital Planet working with local businesses to strategize and adjust to reach new customers during Covid-19.

Since the spring of 2020, the unexpected virus Covid-19 has forced most of us to alter and change the way we live our daily lives. Regulations have had an impact and created unique challenges for business owners, especially small, locally owned. From mandatory face coverings, social distancing and in some cases forced to keep their doors closed. Abrupt regulations have had business owners scrambling to convert their locations to meet compliance standards set by local officials in hopes of slowing the spread of the virus. “When you can’t see or talk to your customers, you need to find new and innovative ways to communicate and build channels for customers to learn about and purchase your products,” says Randy Eachus, Owner of Digital Planet, a California based marketing agency.

Digital Planet has been helping businesses for over 15 years in web design, marketing, advertising and social media management. Eachus explains how as an agency they are always trying to stay ahead of trends and technology to help their clients. “We were surprised how many businesses didn’t have websites or the ability to sell their products online.” Eachus explained how they have had to rethink how to create effective advertising campaigns with the regulations in place for each business. He also added how the passion and overwhelming resilience from business owners has been infectious and motivating during this difficult time. “There are so many inspiring examples of businesses in every industry adapting to the changes.” One of those examples is client Isaac Ramirez with Park Place Real Estate. “On the surface you wonder how he is expected to sell a home when you limit contact, open houses and showings, but then you realize his success isn’t from selling houses but connecting with people,” says Eachus. Connecting with others is so important, not just in business but with our neighbors, friends, schools and other social events. We can all learn from this year’s setbacks and how it has pushed us to adapt and help one another in a time of need. Digital Planet is currently working with businesses to help them adjust to Covid regulations and allowing them to communicate with their customers in the most effective way possible. You can reach out to them on their website for more information.

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