Market Support/Resistance Renko Charts Guide – Trading Strategy Report Released

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The Trading Bot has launched a new report about support or resistance levels, and how they can be incorporated into trading strategies.

The online education resource’s latest report details the effects of support and resistance on trading. The guide covers the specifics of support and resistance levels, as well as how they can be used to improve trading.

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The recently launched report is available to anyone and requires no previous trading experience. As well as support and resistance, the guide includes information about stop loss placement and Renko charts.

The report provides easy-to-follow instructions for understanding and identifying points of support or resistance and incorporating them into trading strategies. Using this information, it is easier to determine when the increasing or decreasing value of an asset is likely to change direction.

Support and resistance zones are frequently used by traders as simplified markers of the best prices to buy or sell an asset. This also works for short traders, who can place their stop above key resistance levels. The Trading Bot provides information for traders who prefer long or short-term trades, and their report covers charts with 15 minutes to monthly time frames.

The Trading Bot also offers tools that are complementary to their guides, such as their Automatic Multi-Time Frame Support and Resistance Indicator. These tools can be used to automatically include key areas of support or resistance when changing between time frames. There is also information about using a Fibonacci Retracement method for spotting potential support and resistance levels.

For users who find the typical charts confusing or noisy, the report also includes information about how to create Renko charts. These charts are non-time-based, and many traders find them to be easier to work with. The report suggests using Renko charts to make key support and resistance levels more obvious at a glance.

The report concludes with mistakes commonly made by traders using support and resistance strategies, and how to avoid them. The Trading Bot also provides educational information about identifying market reversals, superior buy and sell signals, and multi-time frame trend exhaustion. The information is available in easy-to-understand videos, as well as text transcripts.

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