Market Samurai Keyword Tool- Helping Bloggers Smile To The Bank

Market Samurai is a cutting edge keyword analysis tool that provides internet marketers with a clear picture concerning the earning potential of keywords inside niche markets. It helps bloggers as well as internet marketers, laser-target high-traffic, high-profit, low-competition markets with devastating accuracy.

/PressCable/ — A couple of years back, blogging was considered by many to be a part time hobby, but it has since then evolved to become a highly lucrative business model that can offer a life of financial independence.

But despite there being millions of blogs on the internet, only a fraction of them make enough money to enable their owners live an internet lifestyle that is admired by many. These superstars are the bloggers who belong in the top 1%; an exclusive club of the blogosphere whose members mint money on demand all while working 2 hours or less per day.

These elite bloggers who are envied by many have been able to “crack the code” and in so doing, rake in millions of dollars right from their blogs and other web properties.

They understand that just like in a physical business, money comes from people (customers) in form of sales, hence they have been able to drive lots of targeted traffic to their blogs, which are highly monetized to ensure money isn't left on the table.

One of the tools used by many of these elite bloggers is Market Samurai; a keyword analysis tool by Noble Samurai, that helps bloggers and internet marketers laser-target high-traffic, high-profit, low-competition markets with devastating accuracy.

It's by the continuous use of Market Samurai that most of the top 1% of bloggers have been able to dominate the search engines, and in so doing, drive loads of targeted traffic right to their highly monetized blogs and other web properties.

The 99% of bloggers are on the other hand struggling to make money online, simply because they're using “shiny” inaccurate keyword analysis tools which deceive them into targeting unprofitable keywords that have little or no traffic.

One of the main reasons why Market Samurai is a trusted keyword analysis tool among the elite bloggers is because it helps them uncover “golden keywords” that meet the four “golden rules”.These are:





This in turn helps them uncover keywords that:

-Are highly relevant to their niche.

-Have significant levels of traffic/searches in a day, week or month.

-Have acceptable levels of competition.

-Are highly profitable in terms of AdWords Cost Per Click.

In addition to keyword research and analysis, Market Samurai has 7 other modules that aid internet marketers with their online marketing campaigns. These are:

1. Rank Tracker-Helps in tracking one's position in the Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs)

2. SEO Competition Analysis- Helps in assessing one's level of competition in the SERPs

3. Domain Analysis- Helps in uncovering golden domains for purchase.

4. Blog Monetization- Helps in commercializing one's blog e.g. through Ad generation.

5. Content Scrapping- Helps in finding articles that are relevant to one's niche.

6. Auto-Posting- Helps in auto publishing content to one's blog(s).

7. Promotion- Helps in finding high quality backlinks for one's published content.

At the end of the day, blogging really is about targeting the right audience, and using the right keyword analysis tool such as Market Samurai, is the determining factor for one's online success. It's what separates the “elite” from the “masses”.


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