Market For Law Reveals New Case Study On Law firm ROI

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This law firm in this case study were barely breaking even with just an ROI of 141%. Within 10 months of starting our PITargeter Matrix program, we were able to increase ROI to 1424%.

Market For Law revealed their new case study today on increasing one of their law firm client’s ROI from 141% to 1424% using their PITargeter Matrix program.

The case study also shows that the average cases per month increased from 19 to 68 per month.

Market For Law says there are many law firms looking for insights and answers about increasing overall ROI. This case study reveals that it’s very possible to build a “coin-operated case opportunity machine” using the PITargeter Matrix .

The case study is available at

About Market For Law

Market For Law is the combination of three highly respected digital marketing and consulting firms who joined forces to build a nationwide “coin-operated case opportunity machine” for Personal Injury Attorneys.

Each of our companies faced a similar issue with their law firm clients. Generating a lot of wackadoodle leads that didn’t turn into cases. Getting leads for law firms is easy. Any Facebook agency can do that. But getting pre-qualified leads that turn into profit generating cases is another issue.

When our three companies started discussing this common problem and how to overcome it, they realized that by combining their areas of specialization, they found an answer to one of the biggest problems facing law firms. As a result, Market For Law has been able to generate cases for as little as $900 for our clients. This system weeds out the wackadoodles so that law firms only speak with pre-qualified people who turn into a real case.

We call this personal injury case generation system the PITargeter Matrix. The matrix is now considered a tried and true compilation of over 2 million dollars in testing to create the proprietary marketing algorithm we use exclusively for the personal injury law market today. The basic premise of the algorithm looks like this:

Artificial Intelligence(AI)+Machine Learning(ML)+Human Intelligence(HI) = KICK BUTT MARKETING ROI!!

Learn how this was put into action with their latest case study here:

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